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The Wawata universe is based on a square piece of plastic with four notches.  Thousands of young children have nourished their great architectural dreams with this fundamental “brick” over the years, building houses, towers, bridges, shelters for toys, etc.

The brainchild of an inventive engineer, this construction technique pushes gaily the limits usually encountered on the matter: Wawata bricks can be used  indoors and outdoors in infinite combinations, without requiring a minimum or maximum number of pieces, for instance.

A well… articulated business project!

Elements have to interact well: and that is what has to occur in the brain of Yevgeny Nikonov, the dynamic creator of Wawata toys – the shock ambassador of the city of Yaroslavl!

Destroy 1000 times… to rebuild!

Construction requires solid materials: but such solidity is even more necessary in a playing context which entails serial assembling and disassembling – a challenge that Wawata has taken up successfully!

Apace with the ideas of your budding engineers!  

In conjunction with the famous “fundamental brick,” certain more complex pieces for structural or decorative purposes can be obtained for your creations (see catalogue).