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Trinity makes one product only, but it is far more than a simple toy!  The toy house to be coloured is actually an opportunity for endless fun, alone or with friends! The first treat stems from assembling and decorating it the way each child wants,  thanks to the cumulative effect of colouring by the child and affixing stickers that are included in the box. The finest adventure then awaits:  moving in and hosting friends!

This Trinity product has many qualities. The (cardboard) materials are recyclable and therefore ecological. The house is ever so simple to assemble in a jiffy, without glue! The learning dimension is taken duly into account, with the alphabet on one of the walls. At long last, it is a perfectly affordable toy for every budget!

Dead simple assembling / disassembling! 

Assembled at the snap of your fingers (without glue or fasteners), the Trinity house can be taken down just as quickly! Practical for impatient children…and for those who want to take their home along on their holidays!

Infinite customization options!

Felts, gouache, paint:  the Biba Lina house is ready to don all sorts of colouring!  Beyond your personal ideas, the box includes stickers featuring magnificent birds!

A toy for socializing over a long time!

If a single toy had to be selected from among our partner manufacturers to illustrate the idea of play value, it would be this house. It is moreover obvious that its construction is merely the start of the adventure…