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Ten Kor (Baby Toys)

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Ten Kor is the “youngest age” range of the Baby Toys brand. It is characterized by a wide range of toy boxes (practical for tidying up) that feature various stimulation, education and creativity activities for small children aged about 1 to 5.

Puzzle, blocks, dice, mosaics: The varied constituent elements of these games and toys  notwithstanding,  the bright colours  constitute a predominant characteristic.  They are arranged according to different themes,  such as naming animals, putting characters in their context, counting different objects, or dressing a little girl according to her activities for the day.

Puzzles (and the like)

With Ten Kor, the puzzle is reduced to its simplest expression in order to include the smallest children already.

Once the right combination has been  chosen, all sorts of endearing figures emerge.

Mosaics with different themes

Butterfly, fish, beetle, small car or multicoloured flower: thanks to the models on offer, a large number of figures can be reproduced – before the child creates his or her own patterns, motifs, perhaps?

Toys of initiation to assembling

It’s not yet time to build cathedrals, of course!  But the “soft bricks” range (17 or 32 pieces) will enable babies as of three months to express their first plots.