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AlaySky’s Globes

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Quality  is the key word when it comes to  products from AlaySky Globes. Between  the realism of the maps, the innocuity of the materials, strict control of production and flawlessly protective packaging, no effort is spared to guarantee your children a real experience of the future citizens… of the world!

The story of AlaySky Globes started back in 1979 in  Tbilisi (Georgia).  When Georgy Alaysky took over the reins of management, the brand stayed true to its initial objective:  to ensure extensive popularity and wide dissemination of globes in Russian families, as a vehicle for geographical knowledge and an opening to the marvels of our planet!

Sizes and relief: tailored to the needs and preferences of the individual!  

Small, medium or large in size, with or without (very realistic!) relief on mountain ranges: one of AlaySky’s ambitions is to enable every family to adapt to its needs and its budget!

Backlighting for a “blue planet!”

No respite for our budding explorers: the “planet” remains illuminated even when they are asleep – by way of night light for those who wake up in the middle of their journey…

More about the countries, through augmented reality!

Thanks to a particularly well designed software application (see here), your child can look at the map of the world on a tablet screen: all sorts of images relating to the country concerned will then appear!