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About us


Yves de Crayencour found his way  very early in the toy world, where he has brought his qualities of intermediary and “brand revealer” to bear for no fewer than five decades. As such, the team he heads in the Russian Toys project undeniably capitalizes on the experience gained previously under the aegis of Ita Toys. 

But Yves de Crayencour is far more than a simple go-between! From the moment a toy speaks to the child’s heart which he has managed to retain (in spite of some additional springs!), he will spare no effort to showcase this product and to help it “conquer Europe” in the literal sense!

Did you say “Russian Toys?”

But why Russia, after all? ?

There is something between Yves de Crayencour and Russia, that cannot be explained in part.  It has to do with the fascination this gigantic country (a continent in its own right) holds for Yves – a desire also to do justice to this magnificent people, which is often subjected to excessively rash and simplistic judgements on this side of the Urals….

On a more economic level,  Yves de Crayencour has had the opportunity to appreciate the authentic expertise of Russians in making toys, from Saint Petersburg to Siberia. It was altogether natural for him to offer his experience and expertise to these toy makers, so as to enable them to access the market of various European countries.

Beyond the most stringent labels

The toy market is one of the most regulated on the safety front. These standards are even more stringent on the EU scale. And our manufacturers are even more stringent!

Priority given to play value

What can be more frustrating than a toy left to gather dust on a shelf after being used just once? Pursuant to the “play value” principle, Russian Toys are always chosen to retain their play value in the long run.

Deliberately non-violent toys

This world is already exposed to too much violence for toys, the educational tools of the “citizens of tomorrow,” to add yet “another layer.” So, no weapons are to be found among the toys made by our manufacturers!

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