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Between the magic of Christmas and daily efficiency!

For many, the juxtaposition of the words “toys” and “Russia” brings to mind the famous ballet “The Nutcracker” – a magical world, yet quite removed from the daily life of the firm RUSSIAN TOYS, which is intent on serving as an essential relay between the Russian manufacturers in this sector and the European market.

Toy + Russia: the shadow of “The Nutcracker”

Russia” and “toy”:

In the collective imagination, the association of these two concepts evokes a famous ballet by the great Romantic composer Tchaikovsky: On Christmas eve, a little girl receives a nutcracker which resembles a toy soldier. The next night, the toys come to life and the clumsy figurine is transformed into a charming prince …

Russian Toys? The stuff that dreams are made of, but with eyes wide open!

Without denying this magical world, the team composed of the exporters of Russian Toys operates in a slightly more realistic world! If it makes unremitting efforts day in and day out, ever so passionate about toys, it is to make as widely known as possible the unbeatable value for money of Russian toys, based on a long tradition of research and excellence!

The specific added value of our company

From a practical point of view, our team (through Yves de Crayencour on the European side and Alexander Tarasov on the Russian side) endeavours to help toy manufacturers from the former USSR (famous for the quality of their ideas and the rigour of their work) to gain access to the European toy market – A passionate challenge that has already helped several brands extensively!

Distributor, reseller or final consumer: “Russian Toys” and you!

For this initiative to get Europe to discover the Russian expertise in toy production, this website is geared to three key players!

National distributors

National distributors

Are you a toy distributor in one or more European countries?

Local resellers

Local resellers

Are you the manager of a toy outlet keen to expand your catalogue?

End buyers (private individuals)

End buyers (private individuals)

Are you in contact with one or more children and want quality toys for them?

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